Since September 2010, Marlon Titre teaches as guitar professor in the Music Programme (Conservatory) of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg (the Netherlands). Marlon teaches in the guitar department with guitarist Enno Voorhorst. A new curriculum has been created in order to prepare future guitar students for a professional career as a guitarist. Prospective students who wish to pursue a Bachelors/Masters degree in guitar or study at the young musicians academy of the conservatory are welcome to apply. More information on the website of the Tilburg Conservatory. Many students take music lessons with Marlon in order to be accepted to conservatories and to prepare for competitions. And with success: his students entered conservatories and won competitions. Marlon can also help you to improve your playing.

Training focus: When teaching, Marlon focuses on making your technique stable and fluent. In this way, your personal musicality can come out without being limited by technical obstacles. The next step is to further develop that musicality during the sessions.

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